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Tricky Women @ China Independent Animation Film Forum

My Milk Cup Cow, Yantong Zhu, JP 2014

My Milk Cup Cow, Yantong Zhu, JP 2014

Tricky Women Publikumslieblinge und Filme, die in den letzten Jahren von unseren internationalen Jurys ausgezeichnet wurden, werden im Rahmen des China Independent Animation Film Forum in Beijing gezeigt!

Dreams that take us to a world where rules are variable, a love letter addressed to an imaginary ‘perfect’ man or complex emotions in an extreme and challenging situation - all are subject of this special selection. Follow protagonists like singing and dancing employees in a modern market place, a young woman reliving the story of three generations of women of her family or a little girl that lets us participate in her touching relationship with her single father. Be amused by a girl that enjoys a solo pleasure performance, happy pink rabbits and creatures made of urban litter. We invite you to reflect about humans’ being and loss or the challenge of caring for your elderly parents.

A highlight of this compilation is also the impressive variety of animation techniques (like Life-size animation, scratching on analogue prints, puppet animation and drawing at its highest level…). All of the films are connected by using metaphors and metamorphoses in their cinematic language.

Enjoy this colourful spectrum of outstanding films!

China Independent Animation Film Forum
15. - 18.11.2018, Yushe Culture Centre, Beijing


Tricky Women - International Animation Filmfestival Vienna