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Winners Tricky Women/Tricky Realities 2021

Step Into the River, Weijia Ma, (FR/CN 2020)

Tricky Women/Tricky Realities Award worth 4.000 Euros donated by VdFS
> Step into the River (FR/CN 2020) by Weijia Ma
Jury Statement: The film talks about a sensitive subject that very much needs to be discussed. Fantastic storytelling through beautiful imagery and with great subtlety.

Q21/MQ Artist-in-Residence-Award (3-month scholarship to live and work at Q21 under the Artist-in-Residence-Program):
>To the Dusty Sea (FR 2020) by Héloise Ferlay
Jury Statement: The Dusty Sea is a closely observed yet respectful and loving portrait of family dynamics. The narrative doesn't take sides, but gives space to every family member's needs and emotions. The skillful animation and the mise-en-scéne complete a beautiful storytelling. 

NeoTel Award, worth 3,000 Euros, donated by NeoTel Telefonservice GmbH & Co KG
> Chloé Van Herzeele (FR 2019) by Anne-Sophie Girault and Clémence Bouchereau
Jury Statement: The film captivates through a unique story and clever utilization of sand animation. It bemoans the disappearance of underground art cinemas with an actual underground theater - the disappearance of film reels with reels of film stock deteriorating into gases and powder. Anne-Sophie Girault and ClÈmence Bouchereau's choices of images, design and movement enhance this film which could only have been expressed in this way.

Special Mentions by the Jury of the international Competition:
> Carrousel (BE 2020) by Jasmine Elsen
> Ghosts (KR 2020) von Jee-youn Park

Sabine & Nicolai Sawczynski Audience Award International Competition, worth 1,000 Euros:
> I'm Here (PL 2020) von Julia Orlik

Hubert Sielecki-Award for an Austrian Animation, worth 500 Euros:
> Collapsing Mies (AT 2020) by Claudia Larcher
Statement Hubert Sielecki: Inspiriert von der Architektur von Mies van der Rohe werden zweidimensionale Fotografien von dreidimensionalen Objekten im virtuellen Raum wieder in eine künstliche 3. Dimension übersetzt und über- und ineinander geschichtet. Die Künstlerin konstruiert auf diese Weise zugleich ein minimalistisch-abstraktes Bewegungsbild. Der bordunartige Ton ermöglicht Meditationsstimmung trotz steigender Spannung. Ein experimentelles Wunderwerk!

Up&Coming Preis:
> Love is Just a Death Away (CZ 2020) by Bara Anna Stejskalova
Jury Statement: The jury was impressed with the film's masterful marriage of the cute and the gruesome. The directress told a unique and compelling story full of surprises through the eyes of an unexpected and lovable protagonist. For this as well as for its ambitious technique and production, the jury thought this film deserved this recognition.

Special Mention by the Up&Coming Jury:
> At the Other End of the Table (FR 2019) by Lise Rémon
Jury Statement: We were impressed with the directress's ability to express complex and authentic emotion through simple, charming animation. The film is a relatable exploration of relationships, of coming together and apart. They have found also that the theme of human connections and missed connections was especially relevant and captured the spirit of the times we are living in today.

Up&Coming Audience Award
> Love is Just a Death Away (CZ 2020) by Bara Anna Stejskalova

Austrian Panorama Audience Award
> Child's Play (AT 2021)
by Lisa Hasenhütl
> KLITCLIQUE - Auto (AT 2019) by Anna Spanlang & G-udit

Tricky Women - International Animation Filmfestival Vienna