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The Man Woman Case

Fri, 15. 3., 22:30



Bobbi & Sheelagh

Barb Taylor

Bobbi meets a mythological creature whose ancient battle for acceptance helps her overcome her own fears of being herself – a young lesbian. This animated short was created in a traditional method with thousands of hand-painted cels and pencil crayon backgrounds. Featuring Canadian actor Nisha Ahuja and Irish actor Mel Bradley.

Orange is the New Black: Unraveled

Špela Čadež

Commissioned by Netflix, this short recreates some of the highlights of the acclaimed series. ‘They wanted to have a recap without dialogue and since the whole show is mainly based on dialogue, it was quite a task to put all this in some sort of sense,’ recalls the director who also faced the challenge of designing puppets based on real-life actors.

The Man Woman Case

Anaїs Caura

Sydney, 1920: 38-year-old Eugene Falleni is wanted for the murder of his wife, Annie. But why would he kill the woman he loves? Is he maybe not the one we think he is? Now he is the talk of the town. And when the truth comes out, everyone wants to know more about the ‘monster’… Difference is scary and difference intrigues. Paradoxically, it is in prison that Eugene will be free to be himself.

Tricky Women - International Animation Filmfestival Vienna