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Daughters of the Revolution

Fri, 15. 3., 17:00Sat, 16. 3., 21:00

Women Filmmakers in Classic Chinese Animation


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Curated and presented by Olga Bobrowska, Ph.D. candidate in Film Studies at Jagiellonian University, Kraków, specialized in classic Chinese animated film

Ideas of women's emancipation and liberation from the feudal chains became key concepts for the Chinese feminism movement. The lives and careers of the observed filmmakers present ambiguous trajectory of this wave. The technical and narrative development of classic Chinese animation was marked with the unique visions of the politically prominent filmmaker and theorist (Bo'er Chen), experimental and influential chief-cinematographer (Xiaoxuan Duan), and the film directors who pursued artistic perfectionism (Cheng Tang) and creative modernization (Wenxiao Lin, Yihong Wu).

Little Sisters of Grassland I Caoyuan yingxiong xiao jiemei

Cheng Tang, Yunda Quian

Shanghai Animation Film Studio (Shanghai meishu dianying zhi pian chang)

The storyline revolves around supposedly true events of two girls from Inner Mongolia risking their lives for the sake of the herd, consequently welfare of their fellow villagers. This cell animation presents beautiful, wild and vast landscapes, while its narrative is mostly driven by the songs. Lin Wenxiao was one of the main animators working on this film.

Deer Bell I Lu ling

Cheng Tang, Qiang Wu

cinematography: Duan Xiaoxuan, prod. Shanghai Animation Film Studio (Shanghai meishu dianying zhi pian chang)

One of four ink-and-wash painting animated films made at SAFS. It is a tender story of friendship, empathy and almost sisterly relation between a little girl and a young deer. It is a gentle tale about love, respect and loss. The slow dramaturgical pace perfectly fits poetics of this unique technique created by the Chinese artists of the classic era, among whom cinematographer Duan Xiaoxuan played an integral and essential role.

The Tall Woman And Her Short Husband

Yihong Hu

A tall woman and a short man are happily married. Their difference in height doesn’t bother them – but it does unsettle the people around them who continue to suggest all kinds of remedies for the ‘problem’. The film is based on a short story by Feng Jincai.

Tricky Women - International Animation Filmfestival Vienna