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Best Practice & Workshops

Fri, 17. 3., 13:00Fri, 17. 3., 15:00

Best Practice & Workshops

Friday, 17 March, Metro Kinokulturhaus – free admission!

13:00: An unusual anime: In this Corner of the World

Lecture: Prof. Jaqueline Berndt, PhD, Kyoto Seika University (Graduate School of Manga Studies)
and artist talk on the new anime ‘In this Corner of the World’ with renowned manga artist Fumiyo Kouno.

‘In this Corner of the World’ is a 2016 animated film that has been a huge success in Japan. Mostly, it is discussed as a women’s film and/or an anti-war film. What distinguishes it as an animated film or, more exactly, what it is in relation to an animated film, and what is commonly understood by the term ‘anime’ around the world – these are some of the questions that this lecture will look at, comparing the film with the manga original (2007-09) by artist Fumiyo Kouno which it is based on.

15:15: Three Gates Into The Realm of Manga Fandom, Creation and Research
Lecture: Dr. Sookyung YOO, Researcher at the International Manga Research Center of Kyoto Seika University (KSU), freelance manga artist, instructor and translator

How famous is manga in Japan and around the world? Why are people crazy about it? How hard is it to do manga research and what, exactly, is that?


Manga-Zeichnen mit Sookyung Yoo (Manga Museum Kyoto)
Come see what it is like to be a manga artist!
Japanese manga artists use special tools and drawing techniques to convey detailed expressions in their works. In this workshop, you can learn the specialized skills you need to be a manga artist!
Do 16.3., 14.00-15.30 Uhr, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Kosten: € 25,-
Anmeldung  bis 1. März an erforderlich! (Workshop in Engl. Sprache)

Tricky Women - Trickfilmworkshop für Einsteigerinnen        

Zwei Künstlerinnen des ZOOM Trickfilmstudios geben Einblicke in grundlegende Techniken des Trickfilms. Ein besonderer Fokus liegt auf dem Animieren mit Smartphones und Tablets.

Termin: 11.+12. März 2017, jeweils 10.00-13.30 Uhr, Kosten: 65,- Euro 

Anmeldung (und Einzahlung der Workshopgebühr) bis 24. Feber:

Manga-Leseecke im Metro Kinokulturhaus!


Tricky Women - International Animation Filmfestival Vienna