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16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence

Under the theme "Klappe auf!", a cooperation of Austrian organizations from the women's and development policy sector is working to promote a non-violent life for all women* and girls*. Every year "Klappe auf!" organizes a campaign to raise awareness of violence against women* and girls*.

This time an animated film evening was planned in the Brunnenpassage. Due to the Covid-19 measures, the campaign was online from November 26 to December 7, 2020.

Six animated films are dedicated to the topic of violence against women* and girls* in the context of "care work". Care work means the unpaid or often poorly paid work for people, which is performed worldwide by (migrant) women for the most part - be it in care, child care, supply or cleaning. How care work is done, valued and rewarded makes a big difference. The organizations of "Klappe auf!" are committed to providing non-violent and fair conditions for people who do or need care work. "Klappe auf!" is a contribution to the worldwide campaign "16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence". (Picture above: The Bigger Picture, Daisy Jacobs, UK 2014)

Here are the selected animations, which were exclusively created by women. For each film you will also find reflective questions , in case you want to discuss the films with others:

Open your mouth! Intro (Claudia Dal-Bianco, from 26.11. to 7.12.2020)

The Bigger Picture (Daisy Jacobs, UK 2014, 07'05) - Thu. 26.11. (10:00) until Sat. 28.11.2020 (10:00)
The film tells the story of two brothers and their aging mother using life-size animated characters. The brothers assume very different roles in the care of their mother. Oscar® nomination 2015.

Questions for reflection: In this film a man takes on the caring role. What is it like in your environment? How can a caring image of masculinity be strengthened?

TILLVÄXTSJUKAN | RADICALIZED (Klara Swantesson, SWE 2006, 8'00) - Sat. 28.11. (10:00) until Mo. 30.11.2020 (10:00)
For 33 years Ulla-Britt has worked as a teacher, taking care of countless children, their learning progress and their worries, now she is tired - diagnosis "burnout". A radical change is necessary.

Questions for reflection: How do social and pedagogical professions experience appreciation in society? What basic conditions do people in these professions need?

La Plongeuse | The Diver (Iulia Voitova, FRA 2018, 4'09) - Mon. 30.11. (10:00) to Wed. 2.12.2020 (10:00)
A professional diver is driven by her training program and her trainer to the point of great exhaustion - or resistance? - comes up in her; is the masseur a real help? 

Questions for reflection: What does the image "training" trigger in me? What can women do to counter the feeling of "having to function"?

In Her Boots (Kathrin Steinbacher, AT 2019, 6'02) - Wed. 2.12. (10:00) until Sat. 5.12.2020 (10:00)
Hedi doesn't think and act as logically as before, but that doesn't mean that she can't be on her own anymore. The hiking boots can be as old as she wants, they belong to Hedi and she can wear them as long as she wants. (BAFTA nominated film)

Questions for reflection: How much do you consider your mother, grandmother or neighbor as a self-determined woman*? Where do self-determination and necessary intervention and help blur? What does self-determined care mean?

Freaks Of Nurture (Alexandra Lemay, CAN 2018, 6'28) - Sat. 5.12. (10:00) until Sun. 6.12.2020 (10:00)!
Single mother, foster mother and dog breeder - being there for everyone is a big task that doesn't make you very rich financially and somebody falls by the wayside.

Questions for reflection: Many women* have double and triple burdens. What is necessary on a political, social and personal level to counteract this?

Nadirah: Coal Woman (Kate Jessop, UK 2019, 2'23, Negar Elodie Behzadi/writer/producer)- Sun. 6.12. (10:00) to Tue- 8.12.2020 (10:00)
In the Fann Mountains in Tajikistan, the work of the miners is considered "ayb" - shameful. The film tells the story of a female miner who does not let the bad conditions rob her own dignity.

Questions for reflection: Which work is considered shameful for women* or for men* in your environment? What gender roles are at the root of this? What strengthens those affected to confront role attributions?

"Klappe auf!" is a cooperation between AÖF - Verein Autonome Österreichische Frauenhäuser, Frauenhelpline 0800 222 555, CARE Österreich, Frauen*solidarität, LEFÖ - Beratung, Bildung und Begleitung für Migrantinnen*, kfb - Katholische Frauenbewegung Österreich, Miteinander Lernen / Birlikte Öğrenelim, VIDC / Wiener Institut für Internationale Dialog und Zusammenarbeit and WIDE / Entwicklungspolitisches Netzwerk für Frauenrechte und feministische Perspektiven. The animated film evening of "Klappe auf!" is a cooperation with the animation film festival "Tricky Women/ Tricky Realities" and "Cinemarkt" (a cooperation of St. Balbach Arts Produktion and the Brunnenpassage).

Tricky Women - International Animation Filmfestival Vienna