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Artist in Residence: Ekaterina Gurkalenko

In cooperation with Schloss Wiespach

Foto: private

Artwork Ekaterina Gurkalenko


I was born in 1989 in the town of Września, Poland. When I was 3 years old, my family moved to Ukraine. I studied book illustration and graphics at the Ukrainian Academy of Printing in Lviv. At university, I found myself increasingly interested in printmaking and began to explore this technique. In addition to my studies I began to work in graphic design. I discovered animation as a way of transmitting movement to graphic works in the course of my work as a designer and printmaker. I also like creating flipbooks for my short animated films, both out of the simple desire to embody movement in a solid shape and to pay tribute to my profession as a book illustrator.

Weitere Informationen

Since mid-March 2022, Ekaterina Gurkalenko has been Artist in Residence at Galerie Schloss Wiespach in Hallein Salzburg.

Here, she is working on her flipbooks, short animations and prints while also enjoying the opportunity to explore new graphic techniques at the University Mozarteum Salzburg. She has also received a scholarship to attend the 2022 Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in August.

Ekaterina Gurkalenko’s residency has been generously provided by the owners of Galerie Schloss Wiespach, Gabriela and Claus Spruzina. A big thank you to the entire team of gallery Schloss Wiespach, the University Mozarteum Salzburg and Salzburg International Summer Academy.

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