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Tricky Women

Kept in the Picture – Animation and the Unconscious

Part 2: Self and External Perception

Filmstill Hezurbeltzak / A Common Grave (Izibene Oñederra, ES 2007)

Within the framework of the Vienna Art Week Tricky Women and the Sigmund Freud Museum are iniviting to the second film screening of the series "Kept in the Picture - Animation and the Unconscious".Read more

Kept in the Picture – Animation and the Unconscious

Part 1: The Classics

Filmstill Repete (Michaela Pavlátová, CZ 1995) 

Tricky Women and the Sigmund Freud Museum are inviting to a film series in which animation calls the tune. The ways in which animation takes the ineffable in its views should be the core of four film screenings. The first evening is dedicated to four classics of animation.Read more


Part 3: Body & Sexuality

Filmstill from Snępowina / Sleepincord (Marta Pajek, PL 2011)

The third and forelast evening of the film series is dedicated to the complex of body and sexuality.Read more

Tricky Women 2015

Trailer Tricky Women 2015 von Jenni Rahkonen
(Tricky-Women-2013-Gewinnerin des 3-monatigen Arbeitsstipendiums im quartier 21/MQ im Rahmen des Artist-in-Residence-Programms)

Zum Programm 2015 >>

Tricky Women - International Animation Filmfestival Vienna